From Bankruptcy Court to the World Series

When Nolan Ryan and his ownership group paid $593 million for the Texas Rangers in a bankruptcy court auction in August, it's hard to imagine they envisioned their investment would pay off only a few short months later. But following its first postseason series win and first World Series appearance in the team's 50-year history, the timing couldn't have been better for the new owners.

Win or lose against the San Francisco Giants this week, the Hall of Fame pitcher and his ownership group stand to potentially increase the team's value by $50 million to $100 million based on their postseason run, according to a recent Bloomberg article. The story estimates the Rangers' advancement to the World Series to be worth $40 million next year in increased ticket sales, sponsorships, suite rentals and concessions, in addition to taking in $1 million per game in gross profit from this year's playoffs. It's also estimated that "baseline attendance" for the Rangers will increase for five years.

Considering that prior to emerging from bankruptcy court, the Rangers were in need of a $21.5 million loan from the league to pay its bills, the outlook couldn't be much better for Ryan and his ownership group. Even with the Rangers facing elimination from the Giants.