TMA Adds Interactive Workshops to the Annual Convention

As a way to improve networking and promote interaction among conference attendees, TMA is introducing the workshop concept to the 2011 TMA Annual Convention in San Diego, October 25-27.

While the larger general and concurrent sessions focus on broad topics and consist of presentations by a panel or speaker, the workshop concept was conceived to involve smaller audiences and cover more niche topics. With a goal of 10-25 participants per workshop, the format is designed to promote interaction among the attendees and provide for more give and take than is possible in the larger sessions.

Three workshop topics are being presented at this conference:
  • Social Media – Educates professionals on the use of social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networking tools. Speakers consist of both a social media and communications consultant.

  • Technology Company Workouts – Focuses on the unique aspects of technology companies and the complexities of workouts where intellectual property rather than hard assets provide the collateral. Speakers have backgrounds in founding, lending and consulting to technology oriented companies.

  • Starting Your Own Practice – Whether due to a desire to break away from the large corporate structure, or forced to because of a layoff, many TMA members have successfully formed their own firms. Speakers will focus on the aspects and realities of starting your own firm and all have first hand experience in doing just that.

The workshops are geared toward a smaller audience in order to promote discussion among the group. The speakers will not be “presenting” to the group, but will instead lead a discussion on the topics where members of the audience will be expected to ask questions and contribute. The goal is to promote interaction among the group and give conference attendees another avenue to meet and network.

Survey feedback for the TMA conferences indicate that many would like more networking options for meeting other attendees. The workshop idea is one of the initial steps toward providing additional networking options when attending a conference. Any other ideas are always welcome and please feel free to contact either myself or Jennifer Bethke at TMA Headquarters with your thoughts.

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