What’s in a Number? 13 Reasons to Register for 13-week Cash Flow Webinar

Next Tuesday (Oct. 26, Noon – 1:00 p.m. EST) I will be moderating “13-week Cash Flow: What’s in a Number? The First 13 Weeks May be Everything.” The webinar is part of the TMAccess education program. Learn more about TMAccess and register for the webinar at turnaround.org.

Why should you or other members of your firm participate in this webinar? I’ll give you 13 reasons:
  1. The 13-week cash flow (TWCF) model is the short-term forecast preferred by practitioners, lenders, creditors and most other constituents.
  2. A properly prepared TWCF provides a company and all of the constituents with a roadmap to the ultimate exit.
  3. A TWCF illustrates a company’s cash sources and uses, and any operational shortfall must be provided for through the anticipated exit date.
  4. TWCF provides much needed visibility for direct materials, direct labor and selling expenses as individual components.
  5. It helps assess poor collection of receivables, ineffective vendor strategies, or a high fixed-cost burden – all of which may have been buried in other types of financial forecasts.
  6. The TWCF is an illustrative document that removes some of the obfuscation that can be a part of accrual accounting.
  7. Often the TWCF provides a dose of reality to management teams that are in denial.
  8. An accurate TWCF is integral to building credibility and trust between management and lenders in a turnaround.
  9. For creditors or other providers of capital, the company’s TWCF should be a critical element of the credit or investment process.
  10. Without a TWCF at the inception of the acquisition, an acquirer cannot be certain of the short- to medium-term capital needs of the business.
  11. It’s critical for a company’s business and strategic plans, as quantified by the TWCF, to be both accepted by parties in interest and stakeholders and consistently executed by the company.
  12. Management that consistently meets its TWCF goals will have an advantage in completing a turnaround in a timely and effective manner.
  13. The TWCF model is the accepted industry standard in all corporate renewal situations because of its practical applicability to its users and its effectiveness as a communication tool.

Register for the webinar today.

Webinar Presenters

Moderator: Frank R. Mack, CTP, Accretive Solutions Capital Partners, Inc.

Panel: Robert D. Katz, CTP, Executive Sounding Board Associates Inc.; James M. Macdonald III, JP Morgan Chase Bank Chase Business Credit; and David W. Wirt, Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP