Ex-Felon Shares MCI White-Collar Crime Story

Walt Pavlo shared his very personal story of white-collar crime during the Ethics Track of TMA's 2010 Annual Convention in Orlando on Friday morning.

Walt provided a candid look into the motivations, actions and consequences of the crimes he committed while working as a senior manager at MCI Telecommunications. His unique perspective provided great insight into the process of how white-collar crimes are committed.

At MCI, Walt was responsible for the billing and collection of nearly $1 billion in monthly revenue for MCI’s carrier finance division. Along with another member of his staff and a business associate outside of MCI, Walt began to perpetuate a fraud involving a few of MCI’s customers. When the scheme was completed, there had been seven customers of MCI defrauded over a six-month period resulting in approximately $5 million in payments to the Cayman Islands.