Biz Stone Shares Insight and Lessons Learned from Co-founding Twitter

Biz Stone shared colorful insight and lessons learned from the creation of the $7 billion social networking site during an interesting keynote presentation at the 2011 TMA Annual Convention this morning.

Stone, who prior to co-founding Twitter worked on the very platform that this blog is hosted on (Blogger) at Google, provided an interesting glimpse into how Twitter went from being a means for sharing text messages to playing a central role in organizing political uprisings.

He also shared several stories and lessons learned that inspired and motivated him to co-founding Twitter. For instance, looking for an opportunity to meet new friends and fit in during high school, Biz started a lacrosse team and not only did he enhance his social standing, he went on to excel in the sport. The lesson learned – you can manufacture your own opportunities.

He went on to share additional personal stories and encouraged the turnaround and corporate restructuring professionals in the packed audience to use creativity in their work and to have the willingness to fail spectacularly in order to succeed spectacularly.

Stone ended his presentation by sharing his seven assumptions for business:
  1. We can change the world, build a business and have fun.
  2. We don’t always know what’s going to happen.
  3. There is a creative answer to every problem.
  4. There are more smart people outside our company.
  5. We will win if we always do the right thing for our users/customers.
  6. The only deal worth doing is a win-win deal.
  7. Your co-workers are smart and have good intentions.
Following his presentation, Biz participated in a question and answer session and discussed Twitter’s business model and ways attendees can use the social networking site to enhance the marketing of their firms or clients.

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