Old One-Eye Is Back!

                                     Good Yule! 
                               Happy Solstice!
     This blog won’t be up again before Christmas, so this seems a good
 time to wish you all a happy mid-winter gathering and feast, call it what
 you will.
       As you can see, the Green Man has now made himself - or should 
that be Himself? - known.
       I wasn't going to give him eyes - I started off thinking that he should
 just be a mask - but then eyes seemed important. And then just one eye.
 Which makes it clear who He is - an appropriate visitor for this time of 
year, given all the drinking, and not just Mead  of Poetry. 
     There's much more I can do... I'm thinking of trying something like this,
for his crown...
      Salt would make good frost, maybe?
      For his photo-shoot, I stuck a black plastic tray to the door of a 
   cupboard with blu-tak, and  then stuck him to the tray.
          Oh the Holly and the Ivy, when they are both full-grown... 
          And not only is old One-Eye back - Blott is too!